NRmine – Decentralized Finance Project Management

In 2018, we launched our first Blockchain for B2B project: Generating ETH, BTC and ZEC by using renewable energy (mainly water turbines and solar panels). The success was so big we had to slow it down and turn it off: it was too much of a Finance project

Today at NRmine Blockchain for B2B

We’re helping companies and artists to use all the latest Blockchain technologies to serve their purposes. From NFT to Crypto investing, we can assist and point towards the best people in the Industry.

Today, our Crypto Asset allocation is split between Bitcoin (50%) and Ethereum (50%). The Ethereum part is split between ETH coins and NFT (50/50).

We believe that ETH (Ethereum) will soon catch up on BTC (Bitcoin) as it is the floor for a lot of Web 3.0 applications (NFT, Smart Contract, Utilities, etc.)

Our Stance on #NFT Today

We are betting big on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) nowadays. From our Agencies Artwork to the outtup of our Music Art Soundwaves at Soundviz, we make sure that all original work gets written in the chain (eg.: minted).

We are minting our NFT on OpenSea and Rarify. We can help you set up an NFT account in a professional way along with making sure that you do it the most legit way. Also, we help NFT organizations like Double Impact to support Artists and Comedians

Also, having a team full with wannabe pro-Gamers, we closely watch the Gaming NFT horizon. So, nn top of curating and creating #NFT on the major Marketplaces (OpenSea, etc.), NRmine decided to invest in Gaming NFT. We believe it will be a strategic market for Investors, Gaming Studios and Art Designers in the very near futur.

We’re in the middle of a first hype, where people would pay around a half million $ to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in the metaverse. That’s how much one collector spent on Friday, Dec. 3rd, to own a plot of virtual land in the Snoopverse — an interactive world the rapper is developing in The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based platform for creating and monetizing online hangout spaces and gaming experiences.

One of our Blockchain for B2B product is this Sorare B2B Gift.

Gaming NFT Sorare Card Gifts by NRmine - Blockchain for B2B

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