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The Double Impact NFT Project

In collaboration with our Blockchain team, the Double Impact adventure has kickstarted small NFT projects. To keep the right balance, both projects and artists will be rewarded.

Get the perfect NFT mix. Double the effect, Double the Impact.

Double Impact is a 360° NFT Studio For Artists willing to expand their audience to the Web3 community. 2xIMPKT aligns the long term Royalty strategy with the Artists. Artists use Double Impact to launch a community growing strategy. Building the roadmap from the idea to the followup after NFT sellout.

3 First NFT Projects

NFT for Comedians

NFT is a Joke is a NFT collectible series of 500 unique tokens comprising handmade graphic illustrations of many comedians and artists featured at the Namur is a Joke festival.

NFT is a Joke are membership cards giving access to Festival exclusives. Some NFT’s will also be real tickets for some of the shows. And even more, owners of rarest NFT’s will enjoy meet&greet with their favorite artist !

Double Impact NFT for Music Art

You can easily create your own Soundwave NFT by clicking on the SOUNDIZ Top Menu item “CREATE” and follow the instructions. Each soundwave is unique and will be part of a Music Art collection.

Double Impact assists Soundviz in integrating its Soundwave Generator with OpenSea.

NFT for Artists

Showcased artists at SxSW will use Double Impact’s help to create unique moment and use them to raise fund. The NFT is becoming a key component to fuel a Band growth.

The Double Impact Team
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Double Impact – NFT and Split Legs

Hey NRmine users, we have been working on a new NFT project. Double Impact is born in Liege Belgium.

The pitch is simple, 2xImpact will support Artists during the next main festivals in Belgium. First in line, Namur is a Joke, whose lead comedian is part of the Project.

Double Impact SRL learned from the Jambb and Snoop Dog NFT experience to build a few collections to mint.

Double Impact - NFT and Split Legs
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NRmine invests in Gaming NFT

NRmine Gaming NFT Town Star by Gala Games

On top of curating and creating #NFT on the major Marketplaces (OpenSea, etc.), NRmine decided to invest in Gaming NFT.

What are the main Gaming NFT platforms?

At NRmine, we favor 3 specific games at this stage:


Trading Football (Soccer) cards online is like a child dream for us. We love buying the Pro footballers we follow and invest in the youngsters that we believe will be the next Messi.

How do we invest in Sorare? We do allocate 25% of our NFT portfolio on purchasing young prospects. Those prospects are actually analyzed on FIFA’s database FUTBIN.

The methodology is documented: we buy players that are younger than 22 years old, are from the major nations (France, Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Brasil, Argentina) and play in a major league outside their country. Yes, we assume that a French 21 years old playing in Germany Bundesliga is a huge prospect.

If FIFA awards them a Team of the Week or Season (TOTW or TOTS), we’re raising the Risk Premium on that card and investing in a Rare or Unique version.

The Sandbox

There is a consensus at NRmine to accept the fact that The Sandbox is beautiful, promising and buzzing. We are investing in Land. Unfortunately for our intern gamers, we do not invest in Alpha tokens.

We are buying The Sandbox Assets only from We do not store SAND tokens for investment.

Gala Games Town Star

Town Star is a Settlers style simulation. If you’re into Supply Chain and Gaming NFT, Gala Games Town Star is for you.

Before you invest any NFT or even buy GALA coins, you can start by watching this well-made end-to-end Tutorial from On Chaim Gaiming:

We invest in GALA Gaming by acquiring long term utility Assets and NRmine provides one of its servers as a Node to Gala Games to contribute to the community.

When will we add more games to our Portfolio?

I guess soon. We are actively looking for major franchises like FIFA, Madden, Civilization and many others to jump into Gaming NFT. That would be an upsell way to generate revenues on top of DLCs and it would boost gaming time.