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A NRmine Story & Vision

The initial NRmine story was all about mining $ETH, $ZEC and $BTC using renewable energy. Our miners were connected either to Solar Panels or to Water Turbines.

While that project was highly profitable for us and for our end customers, it was hard to support when crypto currencies were going down

When Crypto is down, funding Crypto Miners looks like a Ponzi scheme

In 2019, when the $BTC and $ETH went down, we realised that most of our customers were newcomers in Crypto Assets. While most of them are happy with what they finally go out of the mining, they reached a high level of stress when the coins went down by 90%.

Also, the most exotic coins were favoured by a lot of users. The $NYC (New York Coin) was a buzz experiment. Jumping +600% in one day, getting delisted the other day.

That’s why we pulled the plug on selling Crypto Miners leasings

Pulling the plug wasn’t easy. The Sales were high and the market was back. We sold twice as many Rigs leases in 2020 when most of the early contracts were expiring.

Anyway, we wanted to find something more relevant with the Ethereum we were mining. This is how we investigated smart contracts on Art, Music, Gaming and also Business.

The NFT hype encapsulates all the Art, Music and Gaming part. While Artists can track their creations on the Blockchain, Game Designers can organise an extended life of their games by allowing designers to create assets and sell them. The biggest games of the near future will be the one where the biggest community of content creators will be.

Music Creators can recover from what they’ve lost with Streaming

The Music part is still poking the NFT concept to settle on a profitable and relevant solution. The obvious part is royalty management, but there are a lot of other opportunities including Album artworks and Gig Booking.

Booking gigs is still a traditional model in the music industry. Though it’s still the only way a Band can become the next big hit. The Blockchain will also foster the end of record deals, which jailed a bunch of the best artists.

Business is NOT ready for 2025

By 2025, all contracts – from job to insurance – will be in the blockchain. The economical reason is simple: it will destroy all the middle components between peers. We kept for literally centuries Lawyers, Real Estate deeds, Insurance Brokers and Bankers. Their whole purpose is now made obsolete by the Smart Contracts.

Depending on the conservatism of a company, its transition will have to be fast tracked to grab the first Market shares. A Smart Contract transition is not a high tech project; it’s looking more like a Governance project. As we managed to get ready for Sarbane Oxley in a very short time, we will be able to shift on our old way to sign contracts in a few months.